About us

Lelinmen Co., Ltd. was established in 2017-12-12, headquartered in Hong Kong. At first, the Company's line of business includes the wholesale distribution of women's, children's, and infants' clothing and accessories, the main market was based in Korea, Japan, and the USA. In 2019, the company tended to upgrade product lines, retain existing customers and win new customers. We saw the trend of kpop fashion rising all over the world, and that's when we realized it is a chance for upgrading our business, and that's when we expanded our business.

kpopfashionshop is officially been authorized to sell BTS-related Apparel and Accessories. We are offering a variety of BTS products, and supplying products quickly and safely to ARMY worldwide. We were a team of from 40, now 150 members, committing to bring high-quality and official products to Global fans.


1. All products are authentic and legit. Some of them may expensive due to being sold out, and some of them are used to thank ARMY's support, so the price is under control.
2. More than 30,0000+ happy customers around the world
3. Real staff on our customer service team (5 people in customer service dept, not included other depts) prepared to help.
4. We gladly offer a full satisfaction guarantee. Our top priority is to achieve customer satisfaction.
5.100% Safety and Security Guaranteed. At kpopfashionshop Online, we pay attention to your security and protection. You can shop securely utilizing the world's generally well-known and reliable payment methods using SSL certificates!